What Is Nutrisystem’s Freshstart Week 1?

If you are considering losing weight, Nutrisystem and similar health-based diets are great routes that empower you to lose weight and learn to eat in a manner that will allow you to actually keep it off for a long-term period of time. These programs are specifically designed to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to function at its highest capacity while still actively losing weight daily.

Nutrisystem has long been one of the top names in these weight-loss programs. Dieting blogger Debra dedicates a page on her blog detailing how much Nutrisystem costs per month, for each plan. Nutrisystem is championed by celebrities, and likely your friends and acquaintances, that share similar success stories of weight loss that they have been able to keep off over time. Nutrisystem is comprised of four separate 4-week plans. Each of these plans comes with the FreshStart 1 week kit. This is an entire kit that is designed to help your body realign and begin losing weight quickly, white re-teaching your body how to each less. However, the FreshStart Week 1 kit also provides a plethora of nutrients that will help your body get all the nutrients that it may have been lagging if you’ve been eating things link junk food or overeating in general. It will kick start your metabolism for the rest of your weight-loss journey.

A clinical study that focused on the FreshStart 1 week plan found that subjects often lost up to 13 pounds and anywhere to 13 total inches on their body during the FreshStart week alone. Nutrisystem designs that first week to be a completely different makeup of food and nutrients than what you’ll eat during the following weeks while you’re on the plan. It’s designed to be very high intensity, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the things that makes Nutrisystem such a popular weight loss plan.

During FreshStart Week 1, Nutrisystem members will receive a specialty box of food that contains seven days worth of food. Each day contains a breakfast, lunch and dinner pre-packaged meal. There is also a pack of FreshStart Shakes. The shakes that come from Nutrisystem are another reason why it is such an extremely popular weight loss system. The shakes are specifically made to be very high in protein and fiber, meaning once you drink them any hunger you have will be nearly immediately quenched, leaving you feeling full and with a great deal of energy (not to mention they come in delicious flavors). The shakes also contain healthy probiotics and vitamins that leave your body feeling exceptionally healthy after a few days of drinking them (probiotics also help the belly look slimmer).

Nutrisystem is also popular because it comes with a lot of snack varieties to get you through long days at work or long evenings with friends. There are things like popcorn, cookies and other delicious snacks to munch on as you watch the number on the scale drop to your desired weight.

Overall, Nutrisystem is popular due to proven facts and a wealth of testimonials from individuals and celebrities alike!